Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shuffling Toward Dachau

Things I lost in the war:

1.      My future
2.      My family -- what was left of it.
3.      The shreds of career and community he hadn’t already destroyed
                  Isolation bombs demolishing all emerging foundations of self worth
4-Forever.      Hope
Finally:.      Joy

Things to remember before going into battle: 

Bullies love to gloat over their victories.
There are always innocent victims.
For the aggressor it is always about the conquest -- never personal.
For the prey -- it is always personal.  Gut wrenching. Heart Shattering

I wandered into battle foolishly thinking my enemy was my ally.
I had no knowledge of disordered personalities.
I know my surrender will be all encompassing.
In the present I will be portrayed as the villain around the victor's table.
The victor will take all.

All these years shuffling toward Dachau, unaware of its existence.
Someone, someday, may understand the depths of my wounds
The agony of deprivation.

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