Thursday, May 8, 2014

I Can't Want It

My daughter used to say that. There were certain things she just couldn’t want.
                Green vegetables come to mind.
The matching outfits and hair accessories
I carefully chose to coordinate with her older sister.
She just couldn’t want them. I feel her pain.
Today is my youngest son’s last full day of high school.
 I can’t want it. It’s inevitable and I know he is ready -
 but I just can’t want it.
Even though I have been mentally trying to grasp this new season of life
since my first born flew the coop nine years ago –
I just can’t want it.
It’s like staring at that dinner plate; even though most of the menu is palatable
all I see is kale and mixed green salad lurking before me  -
I know it’s good for me –
 It’s time -
 I just can’t want it.