Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another Muse Bites the Dust

Spring is poking its blustery head out in a big way this week, so hat- wearers are facing a challenge. Beaver hats fair well against the wind and they  aren’t entirely uncommon, if you live in Wyoming. I lived there for a while and yes, I own a beaver hat. Very Daniel Boone, a great addition to the costume box, and practical in a state where fifty and sixty mile an hour winds are common place.  However it is entirely unlikely to see one prominently displayed on the head of a middle aged woman in Overland Park, KS as she enjoys a mid-morning walk with friends.

 So as I approached these pedestrians, this woman caught my eye from a distance. She was walking in the middle, a step in front of her comrades. Dressed in black, only the beaver hat caught my attention; I would have done a double take, but I was crossing an intersection and my mind immediately went into muse overdrive. Who would wear a beaver hat in Kansas, on a sixty degree day in March, in public for heaven’s sake? The possibilities swarmed through my mind. Maybe, like me, she’d lived in Wyoming and knew to approach the wind as a worthy adversary. No pesky spring blast would be blowing this baby off her head, it was genuine beaver.   Instinctively, I liked this woman. 

 As we approached each other, me in my mini- van, she leading her posse of beaver hat wearing “wanna-be’s”, I realized I was mistaken -- foiled once again by the wind.  Her chin length, layered, highlighted,  perhaps streaked, - or let’s just call a spade a spade,  - her black and beige striped hair was blowing up and around her head, with the longer back section forming a tail.

She was oblivious to the “beaver hat” apparition hovering over her as she marched up the sidewalk. I was crest fallen; a perfectly good muse, gone with the wind. A mere gust of inspiration, vanquished with one brief inkling of reality.  Such are the woes of the creative writer. 

I find myself challenged recently with many acquaintances who’ve done a drive by inspection of God and organized Christian religions and decided they didn’t like what they saw. No second glance necessary. No effort to actually learn theology or biblical teachings. They thought they saw a beaver hat whether it made sense or not. Something related to God made them feel bad, and that was it. The mere mention of God, the bible or the Catholic Church can send them into an emotional tail spin. And their beaver hat of choice is tolerance. They hate Christians because they are intolerant. They hate the Catholic Church for the same reason. Too bad they never checked the label on that beaver hat, because lasted time I checked tolerance and hatred couldn’t be worn together.

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