Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Night Song

The chorus flowed from the palm of my son’s hand
Rhythmic text illuminating the lament:

Rest in Peace, Connor
Rest in Peace
Rest in Peace

No audible words exchanged
at the passing of a friend.
As one by one they joined the voiceless choir:

Rest in peace, Connor
Rest in peace
Rest in peace

A Silent symphony of sorrow

His mother, our own Mary –
blessed among women, sorrowing
full of grace.

Faith substantial enough to carry the burden
of her suffering sons,

Petitions to the Father for healing
their family mantra.
“Be it done unto us according to Your will”
their family crest,

Wednesday - a good night, family
gratitude, faith and hope – the last supper.
A mother’s instinct to savor
- to hold the treasure in her heart

The way of their cross not a dust covered road.
Linoleum clad hallways,
Scourged with cancer, chemotherapy, surgery, last chances,
911, ICU, a ventilator

Friday – she is a voice for a generation
who has not learned to speak.
Paul writing epistles from prison
encouraging those who might become weak in faith
in light of such loss

Saturday the Night Song swells in communal chorus
A mother holds her son for the last time

Rest in peace, Connor
Rest in peace
Rest in peace

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